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Wherein Cor posts daily songs for your enjoyment.
.mp3, abney park, allerseelen, alt rock, alt. country, alternative country, alternative rock, and also the trees, apocalyptic folk, arditi, art of empathy, bauhaus, blacktapeforabluegirl, cabaret, carfax abbey, celtic, celtic music, children on stun, cindergarden, clan of xymox, classical, classical music, collection d'arnell~andréa, corvus corax, current 93, danse society, dark ambient, dark cabaret, dark music, dark synth, darkfolk, darkwave, darkwood, death in june, der blutharsch, dernière volonté, desert noir, diorama, downloads, dreampop, early music, ebm, electronic body music, estampie, ethereal, faun, fields of the nephilim, file sharing, folk, folk rock, forthcoming fire, gary numan, goth, gothic, gothic rock, handsome family, helium vola, industrial, jill tracy, joy division, kammer sieben, legendary pink dots, love & rockets, luftwaffe, lycia, marc almond, martial, martial industrial, martial neofolk, mediaeval music, medieval music, military pop, ministry, mittelalter, morthem vlade art, mp3, mp3s, music, music sharing, neoclassical, neofolk, neomediaeval, neomedieval, new romantic, new wave, oingo boingo, ordo rosarius equilibrio, post-punk, ritual, ritual industrial, rome, rosetta stone, rukkanor, sangre cavallum, sharing music, shoegaze, sieben, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sopor aeternus, southern gothic, steampunk, the chameleons, the cramps, the crüxshadows, the cult, the cure, the house of usher, the mission, the raveonettes, the smiths, tmlhbac, triarii, triore, vernian process, von thronstahl